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NOBODY wants to get into a car accident!  The whole thing is a mess.   First off, there is often a lot of pain related to the injuries sustained during a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA).  Even the lightest collisions of vehicles results in thousands of pounds of force. The resulting pain from injuries sustained during MVAs is substantial.

But the fallout doesn't stop there.  Beyond the pain​, there is a whole host of other things that have to be considered.  Are you able to work?  Will you be able to manage your family affairs?  What about chores around the house?  

Will you be requiring professional treatment of the injuries you sustained?  If so, where do you go?  

What about hiring an Attorney?  The vast majority of patients wish to avoid any legal intervention or hiring an attorney.  But they often become necessary when the Insurance Companies start playing their games. 

At Healthworks Chiropractic, we have the experience and the knowledge to help guide you through the entire process.  We have tried to simplify this process as much as possible.  

We designed this website specifically with you in mind, to give you a resource center you can rely upon throughout the process.  Very quickly you will realize what a juggling act this becomes; From attending doctor appointments to playing phone tag with insurance adjusters.

We know you didn't ask for this to happen.  We hear over and over again, "I wish this whole thing never happened."  

We know you have a choice in deciding where to go to receive treatment.  We believe, once you've read through our entire website, you will place your trust in Healthworks Chiropractic. 

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"Auto Accidents can have devastating effects on your life.  Oftentimes you're not only dealing with pain, but also trying to continue to manage your job, your home, and your family.  By getting the care you need, you can get back on the road of life."  -Dr. Lyons

"Getting you to feel better isn't enough. Patients are often left with chronic issues. We need to make sure you leave here with the tools and knowledge needed to manage your long-term health."  -Dr. Chiu

Osteopath at Work


Initial Examination


Initial Consultation, Examination, and Treatment Prescription

Concussion Evaluation


Screening for Head Injuries with Subsequent Management for Concussions

Chiropractic Adjustments


Restore Injured & Sprained Joints to Proper Biomechanical Functioning

Physiotherapy Modalties


Therapeutic Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Application of Heat/Ice

Myofascial Release

A soft-tissue technique used to improved muscle mobility and joint flexibility.

Therapeutic Stretches

Prescribed to reduce muscle tightness, inflammation, and pain

Home-Based Management


Instructions on Condition Management at home and work

Therapeutic Exercises

Prescribed to improve muscular deficiencies, skeletal function, and overall mobility

Our Services
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"It was quite a learning experience about how many issues can all come about simply from being in a car accident. And they don't necessarily show up immediately nor all feel the same. Throughout the entire process Dr. Lyons listened attentively and interpreted what I was saying surprisingly well."

Scott L

"I'm so thankful for all the treatment I had from Dr Lyons, I barely walk the day I started to visit him but now I'm starting to run on my treadmill...I can feel I'm going back to my normal routine. He is very helpful also with my MVA case. So thankful he is approachable and concern with his patients"

Ana R

"I love this husband and wife combo!  They provide proper guidance, adjustments, relief, different methods, and is the nicest couple you will ever meet!"

Thanh T

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